Alabama selects TechSteps for Technology Education

Alabama districts may now choose a full K-8 technology education solution that integrates authentic assessment, 21st Century and technology skills into core academic instruction

Bellevue, WA – June 10, 2010

The Alabama State Department of Education has approved TechSteps K-8 technology education curriculum for purchase and named it to the 2010-2011 Alabama Technology Education Textbook Adoption.  TechSteps is a technology literacy curriculum and assessment tool that engages students in motivating learning experiences with inquiry-based technology integration activities that infuse technology and 21st Century learning into any standards-based curriculum.  Each well-design challenge guides students in using open ended real-world technology applications to design and build information products or presentations that communicate their best thinking.  Each artifact provide an authentic demonstration of technology literacy proficiency and 21st Century skills development while also generating all the data needed for reporting purposes

“We are very proud to be included in the Alabama Technology Education Textbook Adoption,” says Adam Smith, Edvation CEO.  “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with Alabama teachers and administrators and provide engaging instructional materials to assists in the development and assessment of student technology literacy and 21st Century skills.”

Aligned with Common Core, ISTE Net*s and the Alabama State Standards, TechSteps easily and effectively infuses technology skills into core instruction, promoting core subject area outcomes while also teaching skills for 21st Century success.  This proven approach allows educators to teach and assess technology literacy in an integrated and systematic manner, while generating data for authentic performance-based assessment and reporting purposes.

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