SchoolKit Takes Top Honors in Best Educational Software Awards

Edvation wins twice in “ComputeED GAZETTE’s” 17th annual Best Educational Software Awards. This prestigious program honors innovative and content-rich programs and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence. TechSteps, a K-12 technology literacy curriculum and assessment solution receives its first BESSIE Award for best Multi-Level Technology Literacy Integration Website. pd21 wins its first BESSIE in the category of Teacher Tools: Professional Development Online Course.

Edvation, a leading provider of rigorous and relevant 21st Century education solutions, is committed to providing teachers with the tools and resources to easily and effectively integrate technology and 21st Century learning into every classroom.

“These awards recognize our commitment to districts and states in providing educators with tools and resources to meaningfully integrate technology to promote innovative teaching and learning for 21st Century success,” says Adam Smith, CEO of Edvation.

In a featured review of selected award-winning entries the ComputED GAZETTE, applauds TechSteps for “combining more than one subject into a truly integrated lesson. And these aren’t make-work projects–TechSteps uses ‘real-world digital tools’ to solve ‘real-world’ problems. Integrating technology and core curriculum isn’t a new idea, but Edvation has created an accessible and user-friendly website for technology integration that can be utilized by any educator.”

Aligned with Common Core, ISTE NETS*S and State Standards, TechSteps easily and effectively infuses technology skills into core instruction, promoting core subject area outcomes while also teaching skills for 21st Century success.  This proven approach allows educators to teach and assess technology literacy in an integrated and systematic manner, while generating data for authentic performance-based assessment and reporting purposes.

pd21 is a flexible, online K-12 professional development system for educators that guides teachers in seamlessly integrating technology and 21st Century instruction into a standards-based lesson design process to meet curriculum goals and maximize learning.  A supplemental  library of inquiry-based, classroom-ready activities simultaneously enrich standards-based instruction in K-12 Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies while also providing an opportunity for professional learning to immediately impact student learning.

“These awards are quite an accomplishment, “Smith comments. “We are honored to have received two BESSIE Awards.”

For further information on TechSteps or pd21, including a personalized demonstration or access to a trial subscription, please visit

About Edvation

Edvation empowers educators with tools and resources to support the successful integration of technology and 21st Century skills development into standards-based curriculum and classroom practice. Providing curriculum, assessment, professional development and training solutions, Edvation is focused on the meaningful integration of technology to enhance learning and support systemic school improvement processes. With proven solutions implemented worldwide since 1996, Edvation’s award-winning products and services are used to support integrated state and district-level digital learning goals, improve and measure technology literacy and provide educational leaders with the data needed for informed decision-making.

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