TechSteps K-12 includes new Cyber-Safety Curriculum designed to meet updated CIPA requirements for E-Rate program

TechSteps provides a valuable curriculum designed to teach students to be safe, secure and responsible online as well as a convenient means for administrators to track program participation and implementation.

Edvation announces the addition of a newly developed comprehensive Cyber safety curriculum to its TechSteps K-12 technology literacy and assessment product. This valuable resource, available to all TechSteps users, has been specifically designed to assist schools in implementing online behavior and cyber bullying programs that comply with the newly updated CIPA requirements for the E-rate program. The TechSteps program is unique in that it not only provides grade appropriate interactive activities designed to teach students to be safe, secure and responsible online but also the means by which to record program participation and implementation.

“I was extremely excited to discover that TechSteps, a solution we’ve used for years to integrate technology literacy into our core curriculum content, now also includes a comprehensive Cyber-safety curriculum that meets the mandates of the new CIPA requirement for E-Rate funding,” said Randy Bailey director of technology at Letcher County Schools. “TechSteps now provides us with grade-appropriate cyber safety activities as well as an easy means to track participation and compliance. Now I know that our students are being trained in Cyber-safety and I can back this up with reports demonstrating this fact. Our librarians are now assisting core curriculum teachers to transform our students into technologically literate digital citizens.”

The TechSteps Cyber-safety activities are designed to prompt classroom dialog about important Digital Age issues such as appropriate online behavior, Internet safety, cyber-bullying and response, and digital responsibility. Through discussions, debates, role plays, persuasive writing, and videos, these lessons help students to build understanding about digital environments, while also providing them with strategies to handle, or better still avoid, the dangers of online activity. Many of these lessons involve character education as the best assurance of safety is each student’s own ability to make wise decisions when online.

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