EDDIE Award: Common Core Aligned Tech Integration and Online PD

TechSteps and pd21 both recognized for outstanding contribution to 21st Century learning.

 Edvation, a leading 21st Century educational solutions provider today announced that TechSteps and pd21 were named category winners in the ComputED Gazette’s 17th Annual Education Software Review Awards (EDDIEs). These awards target innovative and content-rich programs that provide technology solutions for educational excellence. Winners were selected from hundreds of titles submitted by publishers worldwide.

TechSteps, a K-12 technology literacy curriculum and assessment solution received an EDDIE Award for best Multi-Level Technology Literacy Integration Website and pd21 won for Best Teacher Tools: Professional Development Online Course.

  “These awards recognize our commitment to providing educators with Common Core aligned tools and resources to meaningfully integrate technology into every day instruction,”  stated Adam Smith, Edvation CEO.  “Our mission is to help teachers use technology as a part of the learning process to promote engagement, improve outcomes and personalize learning.”

Aligned with Common Core State Standards and the ISTE NETS*S, TechSteps easily and effectively infuses technology skills into all core instruction, to promote core subject area outcomes and teach 21st Century skills.  TechSteps is used in schools and districts nationwide allowing educators to teach and assess technology literacy in an integrated and systematic manner, while also generating all the data needed for authentic performance-based assessment and reporting.

pd21 is a flexible, online K-12 professional development system for educators that guides teachers in seamlessly integrating technology and 21st Century instruction into a standards-based lesson design process to meet curriculum goals and maximize learning.  A supplemental  library of inquiry-based, classroom-ready activities speed the adoption of technology in the classroom by enriching standards-based instruction in K-12 Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies and providing an opportunity for professional learning to immediately impact student learning.

“These awards recognize our commitment to provide rigorous and relevant educational technology solutions needed to teach students to be career-and-college ready for the 21st century.”


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