Online PD Helping Teachers to Integrate Powerful Technology Resources into Today’s 21st Century Classrooms

pd21 Professional Development System Boosts Educator Technology Literacy and Integration Skills to Directly Benefit Student Achievement

Are your teachers empowered by technology? Are they confidently integrating it into the curriculum in ways that increase engagement and achievement?  Most teachers claim that they would like to use educational technology effectively, but lack the time, skills and resources to do so.

At this year’s ASCD show, Edvation will announce the release of an updated professional development system designed to help teachers be empowered by educational technology, regardless of their proficiency.  The pd21 solution helps educators to fast-track the development of their own skills while also helping them to immediately use technology to support their instruction.  Available anywhere, at any time and from multiple points of entry, pd21 meets teachers at their individual level of proficiency while also offering the flexibility and convenience that busy teachers need.

This award-winning online PD solution includes:

  • Short, self-paced tutorials that provide just in time learning opportunities to help teachers build foundational technical skills in spreadsheet and database applications, word processing, multimedia authoring, and Web 2.0 tools. 
  • Instructor-led and anytime workshops that allow educators to explore 21st Century topics and learn research-based strategies for increasing student engagement and achievement.  Teachers come away from workshops, not only with recognition of “how” they might integrate 21st Century skills into the classroom, but also understanding “why.” 
  • An In2class library of more than 150 ready-to-use classroom technology integration projects that provide job-embedded learning, allowing teachers to immediately apply new concepts in the classroom.

“We have found that teachers are anxious to accelerate their own abilities with technology so that they can enhance the content of their lessons and create deeper student engagement,” states Adam Smith, CEO of Edvation. “ pd21 is unique in that in addition to helping them quickly improve their own skills, it also helps them to speed the adoption of technology in the classroom by providing a library of project-based technology integration activities to use directly with students that support Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts in grades K-12.  Each standards-based curriculum project can be immediately used in the classroom, building confidence and proficiency and providing teachers with an opportunity to translate professional development learning into immediately effective classroom practice.”

Watch this video to see how pd21 guides every teacher towards technology fluency, increasing their ability to effectively integrate technology and 21st Century skills into everyday instruction. 

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