Collaboration, digital content, and  personalization in a blended learning environment


We love the social networking and 24/7 digital tools. Learning is fun and collaborative, and it’s easy to share our best work with friends and family.


The elegant design of MiiQuest makes it easy to be a great 21st century educator. We simply assign projects then students are on their way to engaged learning.


It’s rewarding to provide students with a powerful learning environment that is also safe and secure. We like tools that let us manage this district-wide.

Engage your community with …

Blended Learning

Of course MiiQuest provides all the tools you need to manage day-to-day teaching. Then it goes further. It expands the learning space so that—when ready—teachers can explore new ways to use technology to support innovative practices in areas such as inquiry-based learning, personalized learning, and formative assessment.

Select Learning Materials

MiiQuest lets teachers access and distribute learning materials in a variety of ways. Teachers can create and store custom assignments and links to Web content. They can also access award-winning TechSteps technology integration activities and cybersafety content. The combination of quality digital content and a flexible platform allows teachers to personalize learning like never before.

Social Learning

School life revolves around groups—people learning and working together. Beyond the traditional class group, a teacher might create an extracurricular group or a cross-grade academic group. Once created, students and teachers can share ideas, files, and resources, as well as seek feedback from each other. To stay up-to-date in this dynamic community, they can choose to receive email notifications about individual or group actions.

Personalized Learning

Because teachers can share messages, feedback, and resources with individuals, groups, or classes, there is plenty of opportunity to personalize learning. This includes assigning different projects to different groups, pairing them to work with students from other grades, or communicating with individual students or groups to discuss how they will demonstrate their learning.

The Learner’s Profile

To plan personalized learning paths, teachers need to have a holistic picture of each student. In MiiQuest, they can develop that picture via learner profiles that include personal and academic information from multiple sources. Students have a voice in this process through the creation of individual profile cards.

Planning Tools

Time management plays an important role in student success. That’s why the MiiQuest Planner automatically generates information that keeps students informed about due dates, work status, and scheduled events, while also letting them add personal To Do items. With its calendar format, the Planner helps students see what’s ahead so they can pace their learning accordingly.

Portfolio Tools

If you wish, MiiQuest can come loaded with Exibi, a simple portfolio tool for K-12 students and their teachers. Using Exibi, users can build collections of work and display them in a safe online showcase.

Enterprise Management

As a cloud-based solution, MiiQuest is quick to implement and simple to maintain. It provides the benefits of “no software to install” and the power of an enterprise-grade system. Whether you are connecting to an SIS or using the built-in tools, you are in control. And our technical staff are always ready to help.

Other features

Profile Card

A Profile Card provides an introduction to a student, by the student.


The Sharing tool allows students to control who sees their Resume or Presentation.

Drop Box

The Drop Box provides a convenient way for students to submit work online.