Online professional development for 21st century educators


We love working with teachers who use the same technology as we use. Those lessons are fun and exciting, and we are always proud of the things we make.


pd21 makes PD manageable. From simple how-to’s to rich workshops, we can choose when, where, and for how long we work. We can even team up.


When teachers have access to relevant PD, it means improved teaching and learning district-wide. With pd21’s reporting tools, it’s easy to see progress.

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21st Century Practices

When teachers know how to meaningfully integrate technology and 21st century skills into everyday instruction, they can engage students and maximize learning. The pd21 solution gives educators the understandings, strategies, and technical skills to make this happen. It provides resources that teachers can use for their own study then take immediately into the classroom to support instruction.
pd21 21st Century
pd21 Conceptual Framework

A Conceptual Framework

While 21st century skills are frequently discussed amongst educators, many people don’t have a clear picture of exactly what those skills are and what they involve. What does it mean, for example, to be a systems thinker or a design thinker? pd21 provides a framework that supports thinking and talking about the scope and the details of 21st century learning.

Workable Time Frames

Professional development is personal. Sometimes teachers are looking for a quick “tech tip,” while at other times they want to engage deeply with a topic. In pd21, teachers can use self-paced tutorials to learn technology skills and research-based workshops to learn how and why to use technology in the classroom. Or they can directly test the impact of 21st century learning in the classroom using activities from the in2Class library.
pd21 Workshops

Practice and Reflection

Each pd21 workshop provides a short course on a 21st century skill or curriculum objective. Learning is practical. It asks teachers to engage with two research-based student activities that they can take directly into the classroom. Because teachers like to understand the reasons behind instructional practices, workshops are also thought-provoking. Teachers engage with the big ideas of the workshop and reflect on how they might apply them in their own teaching situations.

Social or Solo Learning

We all have preferences when it comes to learning, and pd21 accommodates a variety of approaches. A district might invest in pd21 to provide teachers with practical content that they can work on together in a PLC. For those who prefer to work independently, workshops can be accessed in either Anytime or Instructor-Led mode, with the latter offering assistance, feedback, and certification.

Classroom-Ready Activities

The in2Class library provides a range of student-centered, technology integration activities that can be taken directly into the classroom to impact student learning. Presented as a digital booklet, each project begins with an open-ended challenge and provides everything teachers and students need for active, project-based or problem-based learning.

A Personal PD Plan

Everyone needs a plan. As teachers sign up for, complete, and assess tutorials or workshops, a record of their activity is automatically generated in the form of a personal PD plan. If needed, this can be easily emailed to administrators.
pd21 PD Plan
pd21 administrator

Tools for Administrators

As a cloud-based solution, pd21 is quick to implement and simple to maintain. We can get you set-up in minutes and work with you to bring teachers onboard. Whether you’re managing users or viewing reports to see what your teachers have been learning, all that you need will be at your fingertips.

Other features

Tech Tip

A Tech Tip tutorial teaches one important tool in an application.

Ten Minute Lesson Idea

A Ten Minute Lesson Idea helps teachers learn about a tool – or group of tools – within a classroom context.

Getting Started Series

A Getting Started Series of tutorials teaches the basic features of an application.

Going Further Series

A Going Further Series of tutorials provides in-depth knowledge about an application.

Engage Video

An Engage Video reveals what teachers will learn in a workshop and why it will be valuable for their students.

White Paper

A white paper presents a big idea, research supporting it, and teaching practices inspired by it.

File Share

The File Share tool allows facilitators to share exemplary teacher-created projects with workshop participants.


The Discussion tool allows teachers to view and post discussion related to the topic of a workshop.