Technology literacy content and assessment delivered through digital inquiry-based projects


We love using technology to learn and create. The work we do in TechSteps is fun, and the products we make look really good.


TechSteps saves time. The activities make it easy to integrate technology well. That means fewer late nights trying to write our own lessons.


It’s reassuring to know requirements are being met. We see levels of technology literacy and online safety completions across the district.

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Best Practices

TechSteps is about engaging and powerful technology integration—students learning to apply technology and 21st century skills while simultaneously achieving core curriculum goals. And teachers also grow through these models of meaningful integration and Common Core teaching principles.

A Solution for You

With digital content suitable for elementary, middle, and high school students, TechSteps comes in a variety of solutions. Choose the one designed to meet your needs:

  • K-8 Technology Literacy (includes Cybersafety)
  • 9-12 Technology Fluency (includes Cybersafety)
  • K-12 Activity Library

K-8 Tech Literacy

The K-8 solution systematically builds tech literacy. It includes 6 digital projects at each grade level that together create a developmental and integrated technology literacy curriculum. Through innovative performance-based assessment tools, you can show student tech literacy attainment and the growth of these and other 21st century skills over time. *Includes Cybersafety Curriculum and Completion Reporting Tools

9-12 Technology Proficiency

The 9-12 TechSteps solution offers a  selection of technology integration projects and assessment rubrics across multiple subject areas.  Together they enable students to practice and demonstrate technology fluency. *Includes Cybersafety Curriculum and Completion Reporting Tools

K-12 Activity Library

If you’re just looking for best practice tech integration activities—or if you use a TechSteps Core solution and you simply want more—then this Activity Library is for you. The Activity Library provides a rich collection of standards-based curriculum tasks that embed technology within the learning experience. Choose activities to incorporate into your curriculum.

Classroom-Ready Content

At the heart of each TechSteps solution are classroom-ready activities covering core curriculum topics. Presented as digital books, each begins with an open-ended challenge and provides everything teachers and students need—subject content, work samples, electronic templates, and technical guidance—for active, project- and problem-based learning.

Assessment For Learning

Do you want to help students picture good performance? Or, discuss with them their application of 21st century skills? Rubrics with clearly defined criteria for success can be used before, during, and after the task for self- and peer-assessment and reflection. Their straight-forward design will help you assess learning quickly and provide meaningful feedback to students.

Assessment Of Learning

TechSteps provides a superior measure of true technology literacy without requiring you to administer “yet another test!” In the K-8 years, authentic, performance-based evidence of learning—captured by NETS*S-aligned rubric items—automatically contributes to each student’s tech literacy profile. Watch your students’ proficiencies grow over the years and celebrate their attainment of tech literacy by the 8th grade. A similar report is available in the 9-12 TechSteps solution.

Common Core Alignment

All TechSteps activities are designed for, and have been carefully mapped to, the Common Core State Standards. And just as important is that all of the tasks demand of students the rigor, critical thinking, problem solving, and digital competencies that students will encounter in PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments. TechSteps will help your students achieve the Core.

Cybersafety Curriculum

Are your students cyber safe? Can you show it? Included with the K-8 and 9-12 TechSteps solutions is a practical, online safety curriculum including TechSmart posters and activities that ensure you meet CIPA requirements. You’ll also find simple recording tools to demonstrate student participation in the curriculum. That’s important for E-Rate funding.

Other features

Show Me

A Show Me video helps teachers quickly see what each activity involves.

Common Core Videos

Videos help teachers learn about advances in practice defined by today’s standards.

Assistive Technologies

A text reader assists students who are struggling to read. Students may also adjust the size of the text for easier reading.

Progress Check

Students track their progress through a project via a checklist of milestones.

Task Management

This template helps students complete projects on time and on target.

Typing Tutor

Starting at 2nd grade, students can learn to type using the TechSteps Typing Tutor.